Saturday, September 08, 2012

London Rowing Club - during and after the Olympics

Tomorrow evening's Paralympics closing ceremony will be the final hurrah of what today's Times called "the greatest summer since records began."

Now the buzz word is legacy and the question of how the huge positive energy of the last few weeks and months will be harnessed.

I've got gigabytes of photos to go through but two caught my eye. The one above is of the London Rowing Club during the games when it was host to the Serbian National Team.

Now those colours and shields have been taken down and replaced by this one:
Yup, rowers from here in Putney got gold and silver medals.

Hopefully this, and the success in all the other sports, will see clubs around the country go from strength to strength as new members are encouraged to follow in their hero's footsteps. 


Chris Partridge said...

Yes, I hope that rowing will benefit from the interest generated by the Olympics, but I also hope that the Putney clubs will nurture the links with Serbia and the other nations that came to the games.
I want to row on the Danube.....

JP said...

You could contact the LRC - they might know someone?