Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Restaurant with a view

Listen up, yeh sons and daughters of a banana faced baboon, that ye be!

Aye, it be talk like a pirate day this very day!

Alas, JP be pressed ganged, 'tis true, ah sad it be me hearties. He last be seen feasting and drinking at yon Duck and Waffle, surrounded by the most deadly and dark pirates of the ol' Spanish main, otherwise called bankers.

But now he be WORKING!!

Arrrrrrr! 'tis a sorry day for all free souls. I'd rather walk the plank into waters as thick with sharks as a cuttlefish soup than suffer such a fate.

JP says the sights from yon Duck and Waffle are fair to behold and the victuals worthy of a pirate, but avoid the wood pigeon as if it were marked by the black spot!

Make of that what you will, I said me piece, aye, that I did, and will say no more.

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