Monday, September 10, 2012

London 2012: I was there

We are heartbroken, for it is finally over.

A moment in time, unrepeatable, uncapturable, unforgettable.

We thought it had finished after the Olympics but the Paralympics have been more than just an after-thought but an inspirational event, a demonstration of what humans are capable of.

Its changed how people see the disabled but also how Britain see's itself, a positive image of ourselves.

The weeks seemed to flash past, and the greater the event, the faster it seemed to pass. Last night's key moments were over far too soon; the great stadium thumping songs we could have sung all over again, to hear again 80,000 voices backed by a megawatt sound system.

The fireworks explosions images and sounds crescended again and again, saturating the mind, creating a sublime moment. Nothing you see on television compares to what it was like to be in there.

It was the final moment of the evening, and almost of the entire summer of sport.

Today there was the parade when a million Londoners crowded those ancient streets that go back to the Romans, streets where walked Samuel Pepys and William Shakespeare, to watch the modern heros make their way to Buckingham Palace.

The real ending was as it began, with a flyby, the Red Arrows streaking across the skies of London, their crackling roar causing all in Trafalgar Square to look upwards.

We will never forget the summer of London 2012 or the spirit of London 2012.

And I can say "I was there"


Tillerman said...

So pleased that the summer of 2012 have been such a great boost for the morale of people in Britain, and that the Olympics were such a huge success.

Just like Mitt Romney predicted they would be.

Adam Turinas said...

They really were exceptional. I continue to bore everyone rigid abut how wonderful the Olympics have been and how Britain exceeded every expectations.

Seb Coe for President

Tillerman said...

Slight birth certificate problem there Adam.

JP said...

Tillerman: I did rather enjoy Obama's dig at Mitt in his speech.

Adam: I've had a couple of serious discussions about what on earth they can give Seb as he's already a Lord. Earl Coe anyone?

On the political front what was interesting was at the closing ceremony there were predicable standing ovations for the volunteers, the athletes and the services.

Less predictable (to me anyhow) was a big cheer for Boris.