Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Some missing, something extra

What's missing in the photo above? There's a clue here.

What was unexpectedly extra to the bread basket in this (indoor) restaurant is pretty obvious:
Fortunately I'd finished with the bread anyhow.


Baydog said...

The most obvious thing to me in that photo is how dangerously close to the edge of the table the bottle is.

Oh yeah, there's a bird on the breadbasket.

O Docker said...

Have they finally fixed that pesky leak in the city of Geneva's plumbing system?

JP said...

O'Docker is correct, the jet thing had been switched off. Don't know why, remember it going at night all lit up with floodlights. Bit of a shame really: Geneva isn't a place I'd have expected they'd be economising.

Baydog: the bottle was empty

It was an entertaining evening even if I was working while eating as the table on one side was throwing a surprise party so initially there was lots of "shh!!!" as the birthday woman arrived and the other side had a grumpy old couple who harangued the waitress. When they left she let rip a stream of fast French and then turned to me to say "pardonne-moi". I said "c'est rien" when really I wanted to say was "repeat that slowly, it sounded good"

O Docker said...

It's about time they did something about it.

The puddle it's created now stretches to Montreux.