Sunday, August 25, 2013

Entering Kangerdlugssuaq Fjord

The original starting point was to have been Kangerdlugssuaq Fjord but initially the ice charts had suggested it might be too clogged to allow entry. A week later, as part of our journey south, we gave it a go.

There was still quite a bit of ice, but there was always a gap between the bergy bits allowing Siggi to get Aurora through. But it required constant vigilance, and Siggi had to foot steer while dashing from side to side checking the way ahead (above).

We did get rather close to some bergs, so we had to watch out for the foot that can extend out a long way underwater:
Our route took us close to the dramatic Overhang Mountain:
Then there was a sharp turn to starboard, a narrow channel between two rocky islands, then hard to port to anchor in a small sheltered bay together with one (and later a second) shore line:
The name of the bay? Suhaili Bugt.

If you think there might be a Robin Knox-Johnson connection there, well then you're right. In fact there were lots - any suggestions before I blog about them?


Tillerman said...

In 1991 Robin Knox-Johnston sailed Suhaili to Greenland with Chris Bonington and a small team to attempt to climb a virgin peak. They landed the climbing party in Kangerdlugssuaq Fjord.

JP said...

Yes indeed, and I am currently reading "Sea, Ice and Rock" which is the book they wrote about the expedition and it's full of very familiar places.