Tuesday, August 20, 2013

One hungry polar bear

Spotting a polar bear along the shoreline from where you've just stepped ashore is an interesting experience.

Not surprisingly our immediate thought was to jump in the Zodiac and head back to the yacht, where we discovered that the kayakers were similarly inclined to get out of the water.

Then it was all hands to the cameras:
 As you can see there were two whale carcasses by the water's edge.

We later found piles of narwhal chunks that hunters had left behind, so we guessed that the polar bear had been scavenging and got lucky:
We clicked away, me regretting travelling light and not bring the DSL and zoom lens.

It didn't seem that impressed with this pap session, and after looking at us with disdain it picked up what looked like a narwhal tail and trotted away to a safe hiding place.
Woo hoo!

See a polar bear - tick!


Baydog said...

Now this is the kind of Polar Bear post I'd rather see.

JP said...

Yup, this polar bear looked healthy all right.

Anonymous said...

The polar bear had plenty of easy meat in front of him, why would it bother to chase a bunch of relatively scrawny tourists? So you were probably safe. Unless he had a taste for them perhaps. How does human meat compare to seal I wonder - John, we don't want to see a post on a taste test!

Awesome to see a polar bear in the wild though. Savour it while we can. :-(