Saturday, August 17, 2013

Isafjordur: Hens on scooters and dolphins

I had a lazy day hanging out in in Isafjordur before we sailed over to Greenland. It's a great little town in the NW fjord region of Iceland with several tempting bakeries and a good coffee shop where saw what looked like a hen party out on scooters.

In the evening we slipped lines and motored out to sea where we were treated to a lovely display of dolphins playing around the bow:
Later on the sun set and we headed north, into the Arctic Circle.

As Aurora had a skipper and two crew I could at this point have gone down and slept but that wouldn't have felt right so I volunteered to help sail her over and was soon part of the watch system.

There were times in the following two weeks, usually early in the morning when it was freezing cold, when I wondered about this decision, but the first night was not one of them.

I could spot familiar cliffs as we crossed the route Tristan and I took last year.
But this year our destination was further north, across the Denmark Straits.

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