Sunday, September 24, 2006

Lisbon to Gibraltar - 9: Saying farewell

As the yachts left to go racing we finally found ourselves a free berth in Gibraltar's Marina Bay where we could leave Selene for others to take her on towards Malta.

It was, we all agreed, a great cruise, and Selene a beauty to sail. There was just time for to have lunch in one of Gibraltar's many Brits home from home dinner (uncharacteristically and regretfully there was no all day breakfast) before a taxi was called to the airport and home.

We left Selene tucked up and took our rucksacks and tans back to London.

I would remember that night sailing down the coast of Portugal, hitting 10 knots as passed Cape St Vincent. And we would all remember Lisbon, Cadiz, and the wonderful sea food we found in the most unlikely of marina cafes.

Later Selene would have other crews which would deliver her to Malta in time for the Swan Regatta where Mark would skipper her to a respectable 11th.

Where next year? Who can say. But for me and Ian there was another sail to come - the day with Emma Sanderson on Pindar. As they say on the Moon - watch this space!

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