Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Buff in Gaza: Hospitals under Attack

After the school massacre I went back the beach and found washed up on the shoreline some of the medicines that had drifted away after the Israeli's bombed our boat.

It was time for Buff to do good so I took them to a hospital.

Jeez, what chaos, even here we weren't safe from Israeli attacks:

Later Clemmie was to tell me that over half Gazan hospitals had been hit one way or other.

There was one glimmer of light - a baby born of a women killed by an Israeli attack (top), kept alive in an incubator.

Then the Israelis bombed Gaza's power station and the electricity went, and then the baby followed her mother.


What sort of country bombs power stations, schools and hospitals?

And what sort of country arms them, then re-arms them?

To be continued...

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