Thursday, March 12, 2015

Sassi and the Shade of Grays

Hi Guys,

So, like, I got this call from my agent. "Sassi, got a top gig for you, urgent: boats, yachts or some-it". Yesssss! All that hanging around JP finally paying off. But what to do??

I put down my much thumbed copy of "50 Shades" (gotta re-read after the fab FAB movie) and clicked on one of those crew-wanted sites and up it popped, a "day sail on Shades of Grey" or something!!!!!


It was somewhere in east London - but that's where the bankers do .... er... whatever it is they do... but I could picture it now:

He'd be exquisite, commanding, LOADED, but alone, needing a woman's touch to break down those barriers.


So I've pinged off an email (what? no DM on twitter??) and checked trains and I'm outta here.


Sassi xxx


Alden Smith said...

Really like this jacket, very cool, is that an inflatable life ring in the collar?

JP said...

Fortunately the need for sources was covered in Sassi's media studies course so she's given us a link for the jacket in her most recent update.