Saturday, March 14, 2015

Sassi sails on Shade of Grays - part 2

Hi Guys,

So this Shades of Grey boat trip wasn't quite going as hoped, but you know Sassi, hunt the silver lining!!

We headed out of Thurrock (which for some reason Kevin called Grays - WTF?) which IMHO had a yucky-mud smell and raised the sail. Steering was fab.

Together we sailed the super-yacht BILLIONAIRE TOO between the islands of the southern Pacific. Below in a master cabin filled with the finest lace and Egyptian cotton he was masterful (geddit!!!) but on deck we were a team, united, hearts beating as one...

"Look out!" cried Kevin.

We might have crash gybed or something, but who cares! Time for lunch!!

The cavernous galley brought forth an ever flowing series of culinary delights. Champagne and oysters, rare beef and aged wines, er.... caviare on .... toast.... er stuff like that. I was blind-folded and made to sample his creations, blissful mouthfuls of pleasure....

"I didn't know what you'd like so got pasties from Greggs. There's cheese or steak?"

Huh. Anyhow not hungry and need the loo.... what's the word? Fronts?

It was this weird box, a bit like the portaloos in Glastonbury, but no light.... so maybe...

There were no electric lights on-board, instead there were candles everywhere. Their shimmering flames flattering her curves during those long sultry nights and there was the wax....

"Oops, sorry, forgot to switch the head's power on the control board" shouted Kevin.



"Maybe its time to head back?" I asked.


Sassi xxx

p.s. JP, will this do? I got the picture from here.


Tillerman said...

I like it!

Looking forward to reading many more episodes in the story of Sassi's boat trip.

JP said...

I'm pretty sure there's at least one more story she hasn't told us yet.... we shall see.