Friday, March 13, 2015

Sassi sails on Shade of Grays - part 1

Hi Guys!

So I headed of to east London for my mysterious sail with a suspected BILLIONAIRE on Shades of Grey!!!

When I got there (Thurrock Yacht Club) it wasn't quite what I expected. The boat... well... it was a bit small... and the skipper a retiree called Kevin.

"Thanks for coming" he said. "The wife's arthritis has been bad recently."

Huh. Maybe he had a son or something.

"Can you cast off?" he asked, pointing at the lines.

Ropes.... maybe I'd get tied up.... they constrained me, fibres gently flicking my over-sensitive skin, teasing them. I was helpless but empowered ... knots questions for my heart... signs of his attention and skill, piercing into my deepest secrets....

"When you're ready" he said. "Tide's flowing out strongly."

Oh well. So I did the rope thing (ok, might have left the boat drifting off and he had to come back and pick me up but duh, his fault really) and off we went!

Oops, twitter fire, laterz guys,

Sassi xxx

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