Monday, March 16, 2015

Sassi sails on Shade of Grays - part 3

Hi guys!

Huh. So this Shades of Grey sailing trip wasn't quite going to plan. While eating a beef pasty (cheese is so fattening) in body I was in the Thames estuary listening to Kevin's stories of the successes of his children but in spirit I was far away...

It was on the super yacht BILLIONAIRE TOO that she discovered she had a power. Her intuition could sense his crystal waters blue eyes locked onto her even when her back was turned. The on-board wardrobe was vast and she used it to fascinate. Sensual sheers floated over bikinis, revealing her, prompting grazing touches that promised more....

"... but enough about Steve and Crossrail" said Kevin. "How about a drink?"

Now we're talking!!

"Oooh, ta! A nice chilled glass of Chard. or Pinot' or Sauvigi' Blanc or something bubbly but not red as it gives me a head ache".

Me and red wine - don't ask!!

"We have tea or coffee" said Kevin, heading below.

Humph. Now where was I....

They would anchor in remote coral islands untouched since the dawn of time. Here his instruments were natural: coconut fibres to bind as her skin felt the heat of fire and ice, before being led, blindfolded, to be bathed by his hands, warm water embracing her body....

Yuck! That Thames water was cold! Why is it yachts make such a fuss going towards the wind?

Fortunately the day was almost over as I was freeezing! Southend is NOT like the south sea islands!!

Laterz guys!

Sassi xxx

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