Sunday, September 23, 2018

Boats! Boats! Boats! .... in Timisoara

Recently I was in the Romanian city of Timisoara. It was a work trip so only had a limited time to see the sights but was pleasantly surprised by the "mini Vienna" squares and buildings. It has an interesting - dramatic even - history, being the birthplace of the 1989 Revolution, and you can still see bullet holes from where secret police fired on a huge public demonstration.

The surrounding landscape is very flat and used to be marshlands feeding into the Danube. Now drained with this remaining river flowing through the centre of the city:

It looked very pleasant with rowers, canoers and kayakers on the water and bikes riding along the well organised cycle paths on either side.

There were even pedelos, but alas no time to try out this VW Beetle looking one:

It was surprisingly hot, which made going out on the water look very welcome:

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