Monday, September 10, 2018

Drone video of the Bosham Classic Boat Revival 2018

In Svalbard my drone went a bit wonky. The gimbal, which controls the camera, started leaning to one side, as if it was a bit hung-over and wanted to rest its head on its shoulder, and then the footage got this weird jello effect.

If it had been Buff I would have suspect an excess of Delos moonshine but in this case the culprit (according to Google) could have been lack of ND filters, cold, wind, wrong firmware, broken gimbal.... or a whole host of other problems.

A broken drone would have to be dispatched to DJI repair shop asap so it was important to find out if this was high latitude sickness or mechanical fault. I therefore decided it was necessary to take it for a trial flight... but where?

I studied Google Earth, crossing referencing potential locations against the No Fly Drones web site (that says where its safe to fly) and plumped for Bosham. I'd never visited but it looked like there'd be boats and not many trees to fly into (as have done in the past).

It was a lovely day when headed out of London down to the coast and - oh boy - Bosham is so pretty!! Even better, there were lots of nice dinghies sailing around, just right for a bit of drone practice.

It turned out to be the Bosham Classic Boat Revival 2018 as described on their web site here and in Yachts and Yachting here.

So I flew the drone and took some video, hoping the organisers didn't mind too much.

And it looked fantastic.


Bursledon Blogger said...

Also next time you're down from the smoke, worth parking at Dell quay, walk along the harbour path / salterns way down to Itchenor, lots of interesting boats to see at Birdham pool and Itchenor. Good pubs at both ends and good cycle track if you want to cover more ground a little quicker. That said Bosham is lovely, havn't done the classic regatta for too many years, must get more organised.

JP said...

Thanks for the suggestion! I came down by train then bike and it was a short ride from Bosham station but Itchenor should be doable from Chichester.