Saturday, August 02, 2008

Different Voyages

Two different stories this week, two different voyages.

Firstly the news that the couple at the heart of the 1,000 days at sea are now parents, with the birth of a baby boy to Soayna - which more than explains the decision to leave the boat earlier this year. Many congratulations to both!

Of course if this had been a real journey to Mars then we would have our first space baby!

The other trip is more serious - to sail to Gaza to bring much needed supplies and to raise awareness of the Nakba and the decades of occupation and oppression of the Palestinians.

Both journeys have a desire to more than just watch the world but to in some form or other change it and for the better. And that - despite those that would scoff both - I respect.


Katinka said...

*grn* At first I thought it said they'd had a baby at sea! (that would be a rather scary experience!)

I haven't read a lot about the situation in Gaza but this has prompted me to do some researching/ thinking.

Changing the world for the better is a worthy aspiration, I think we need more people dedicated to that goal.

JP said...

They were at sea together for many months - all those romantic sunsets..... :)

I think many people would like to change things for their better - if they knew what they could do.

Though sometimes the problems is lack of knowledge, particular regarding events in that part of the world.