Thursday, August 07, 2008

Race day 1 - Confessional

First day of races and the good news is we completed all three and didn't come last.

Bad news is I didn't sail as well as I'd like too - which means feel a bit bad, wondering if let the rest of the crew down. I don't mind not winning, and I certainly don't mind the fact it rained most of the day (this is sailing we are talking about).

But the foredeck wasn't a smooth place which could react as fast as the skipper's tactics, leaving the big spinnaker worse for wear. Ok it was probably too big for the wind conditions, but the difference between an ok sailor and a good one is the ability to handle these edge conditions.

If you only sail a few times a year its hard to get a rhythm that can do gybe-hoist-gybe or gybe-drop-gybe in quick succession as smooth as a simple hoist or gybe on its own.

We certainly were not alone as there other boats battling at the marks - and one that lost its mast in one of the mornings stronger gusts.

Oh well.

There are at least three silver linings. Firstly we learnt a lot. Secondly we did finish all three races. Thirdly, there is a hot bath all waiting for my weary limbs.


Turinas said...

Two thoughts

1. Progress not perfection

2. Doing the right thing well is hard

Tillerman said...

Two thoughts...

1. I've been racing for 25 years and I've still no idea what a gybe-hoist-gybe is, let alone knowing how to do one. Is it a bit like being able to whistle and chew gum at the same time?

2. I've been racing for 25 years and I still don't know what the difference between an ok sailor and a good one is. If I did I wouldn't be ok, I would be good.

JP said...

Thanks guys, update in a moment.