Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Saltsjobaden Big Boat 1: VOR 70 Ericsson

Also in Saltsjobaden while we were there for the Square Metre Rule Jubilee Regatta - or at least for a few days - was the Volvo 70 Ericsson from the previous race. Its been supporting the new two boat campaign to tune up for this autumns start. Apparently the two new boats are blowing it away, which is just as well as it didn't do that well against the old ABN Amro One. This boat is now called Ericsson 2 and is part of the four boat campaign - they are taking this very seriously!

On the principle that if you don't ask you don't get asked the skipper if could have a look around and he was kind enough to say yes. Having just got off the Volvo 60 Pindar / News Corp it was noticeable how much bigger it was - in particular beamier, even though it was less beamy than the ABN boats.

One of the problems we had when sailing Pindar was whoever was trimming bumping elbows with whoever was grinding, and it is clear that having a larger working area on these later boats can only help, especially when everything gets busy and the seas are large.

However below deck it remains as spartan as ever:

More from Ericsson Racing Team here.

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