Sunday, August 10, 2008

Square Metre Rule Jubilee Day: Afterwards

Afterwards we sat and listening to the rain as we had our dinner - for me it was steak and chips and a cool beer - and felt we had had a jolly good time. After the rain stopped the sun broke through with a glaring red lit clouds as if there the Grand Hotel was on fire.

All we had to do now was get the boat back in one piece and nurse our bruises. The knee pads were a big success and I'm very pleased with them, but they couldn't stop this bash to the upper arm!


Katinka said...

Yikes, that looks like a fairly deep bruise! So does the company that make the knee pads they make arm-pads too?

ps(love the shot of the sun breaking through the clouds!)

JP said...

You should see my legs! I'd need an all over padding to prevent those bruises!

I'm more than a bit suspicious of the colours on pictures the Panasonic TZ5 camera takes of sunsets. There is way too much red involved - much more than reality. I took other photos that were glaringly over red.

Katinka said...

Sounds like you need full body armour!

The rose colour definitely works in this shot (At least it isn't like my el-cheapo Kodak that gives everything a chilly blue-tone that I have to warm up afterwards)

JP said...

Your photos are great!

I should have taken the digital SLR as it takes the best photos by far.