Monday, November 01, 2010

JP wins major prize!

INT: RECEPTION ROOM. Balloons etc everywhere, tables with white cloth covered in used plates and half drunk wine glasses. At the top is a stage with mic and spot light, in which can be seen the familiar form of Buff Staysail, together with JP.

Howdy folks, Buff Staysail here! Buff by name and Buff by nature!

Welcome back to the second part of this award ceremony, and we have for JP a special prize! That's right, it's not just a blog 5th anniversary bash!!

JP (nervously)

It's come to our attention, JP, that your sailing and kayaking activities have been a bit, how shall we put it, anaemic this year. 

What is it? You sailed on Aeolus 4 times, kayaked another 4, drove that motor boat 3 days, had two days on the Dark Side playing with RIBs and then a single punt on the Cam. 

And yet out of those 14 days on the water you managed to generate an amazing 242 blog posts, which the big brains have calculated is 17.3 posts per sail, kayak, drive or punt. 

So in recognition of your out-standing abilities, we have decided to club together to get you the "Milking it" award of 2010!!!

(wild applause)

Err, couldn't you have called it the creativity prize? Or the imagination and diverse range of interests award?

Nope. I'm an Australian and we eat Vegimite and call a spade a shovel, or is it vice versa?

Well, of course I'm honoured, but this prize is not about me. I couldn't have won it without this year's work overload. And don't lets forget the help I received from the good ol' British weather...

What about frost-biting??

.... or indeed that bump to the head that drove me indoors, and the high price of living in London: boats are expensive things you know.

Anyway, thank you very much Buff! 

No worries JP!!


Tillerman said...

Very good. Well deserved!

It is indeed not easy to milk a small number of boating days into a large number of posts. I had to calculate my own ratio because I feared I may have beaten you in the "Milking It" category this year. But I discovered that I am only achieving a miserable 6.42 posts per Laser sail.

JP said...

Sounds pretty good to me.

I think all those picture posts must have harmed your score.

For another defence of the ratio, see the latest post.

Kat said...

LOL, nice one Buff!

UC (who says thank you very much for the saucer of milk btw) and I hereby award the 'Nine Lives & Perserverance Prize', earned for surviving being hit in the head by a boom, humouring a sheep-crazed crew, being stung on the head by Unidentified Spider, and bravely resisting the urge to fake your death and sail to Fiji!

JP said...

LOL - alas don't think I did humour the crew's "ooh look at the lambs" moment, but thank you anyhow ;)