Friday, November 05, 2010

To ad or not to ad, that is the question

JP HQ was recently approached by a commercial offer: someone wants to advertise here! I have been pondering the pros and cons, and this is the list so far:

  • It's money :)
  • Content should be valued
  • Its seems a worthy site and appropriate for this blog
  • Could be more out there

  • Its not that much
  • Friends start asking about "principles"
  • Like freedom to say what ever want
  • Like freedom to stop blogging when want
  • It becomes "professional" 

So what do you think?


Tillerman said...

I face the same quandary all the time. I finally accepted one of the enticements when the compensation was something to give away to my readers, rather than money for me. Hence the infamous furniture and sailing/ drop-leaf table fiasco which resulted in one of my best blogging friends accusing me of being a "fraud". I don't think I'll ever go down that route again.

O Docker said...

I think this depends upon whether your principle interest is principle or interest.

How interested are you in principle and how principled are your interests? A good principle can earn healthy interest, but a healthier interest is in good principles.

JP said...

I think the answer might be that my life is complicated enough and its time to keep it simple and leave this as just an 'umble blog.

Greg and Kris said...

Pocket the cash!