Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Picture quiz: where, when, what?

Ok, there maybe more questions than previous puzzles but it should be sufficiently recognisable that there won't be a prize apart from glory.

But, if you can work out the artist - then there'll be a prize (*). There is no signature or other indication so I have no idea.

(*) I dunno, dinner in Putney or something


Chris Partridge said...

Where: The Needles
When: A long time ago
What: A bunch of yachts racing (but what picture of the Needles doesn't have a bunch of yachts racing?)
The artist: Not a clue, but it is very attractive with lots of action. A nice find!

O Docker said...
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O Docker said...

Hmm... upstart, black-hulled yankee schooner facing an English fleet off the Isle of Wight - what could this event possibly be?

I'll guess the opening of the 1851 crabbing season.

Baydog said...

But they must be 5" from tip to tip to be keepers, or Fish and Game will be all over your butt.
O Docker, I remember you mentioning a restaurant at Berkeley Marina with the "world's best crabcakes". You have not had them in L'ville, NJ. Just let me know next time you're back east.

JP, nice painting BTW. No freakin idea where it is. Maybe Gay Head, Martha's Vineyard, with Ted Kennedy sailing "Mya" in the Figawi regatta? 1895?

O Docker said...

Baydog, you're on! Thanks for the offer.

A closer look at this painting has me starting to think the crabbing season pictured wasn't in 1851, but a much more recent one, and that this schooner is a replica of an earlier crabbing boat.

JP said...

Interesting comments, O'Docker.

My understanding was the date was indeed 1851 and the clues to the event are the flag on the schooner (yankee) and the location (Needles) hence the first suggestion is right.

What makes you think this is a replica?

O Docker said...

There was a replica made after the original was destroyed in 1942. The replica was the flagship of the 150th anniversary celebration of the original crabbing festival, held at Cowes in 2001. I wonder if this is the scene depicted in the painting.

There are a number of smaller, more modern looking yachts in the background, with brightly colored sails that seem out of place in a 19th century scene, to my eye, at any rate.

Also, the tower at the the needles looks a lot like the one in place today. I wonder if it or anything similar was there in 1851.

O Docker said...

The Needles light was built in 1859, according to Wikipedia (which is never wrong).

I guess it's possible the artist didn't know that.

JP said...

Pretty sure its not the 150th anniversary as there were all sorts of hot modern yachts there (as remember it) that can't see in the painting. Also brown and off yellow sail colours are quite traditional.

Interesting research about that light house: would have expected some form of light by the needles - maybe there was earlier light house or a light ship?

Tillerman said...

The first lighthouse was built in 1785 but it was on top of the downs.