Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sailor gets engaged

Today a sailor (the one driving in the pic above) announced his engagement.

All together now....aaahhhhhhhh!


ChrisP said...

I'm hoping the Morning Star will repeat its classic coverage of his parents' wedding. The entire story read: "Traffic jams cause chaos in central London"

Tillerman said...

I hope they get married in some register office and don't cause any bloody traffic jams at all this time. There's way too much attention paid to this awful family.

JP said...

And she of course was one of the Sisterhood dragon boat racing team. So another boating angle.

Apparently there's economic benefits from having a royal wedding which we rather need at the moment, so maybe that register office option might be an economy too far.

Tillerman said...

Oh yeah I forgot. All the American TV channels were giddy with excitement over this non-event so I suppose you can expect a lot of rich American tourists to come over to experience the traffic jams.