Tuesday, November 16, 2010

This is not soup

There seems to a soup theme today, and so I took this picture.

In the old days London used to suffer from they called  "pea-soupers" - a thick smog containing particles of soot coming off from coal fires, which at their peak killed thousands every year.

After the Clean Air Act of 1956 pollution went down and so we don't get smogs, but we still get the odd thick fog, as we did today, and which lasted most of the day.

So I took a photo.... not really a prize winner I'd admit.


Tillerman said...

Is this another photo quiz? What are we supposed to do? Spot the kayakers? Name the location?

Baydog said...

I like a hambone in my pea soup

O Docker said...

Ran this through Photoshop, JP, and was able to determine that it was very damp when the photo was taken.

I believe the small bird in the foreground is a gray partridge.

unnatural navigator said...

And as we can't see the rising full moon we must be facing west.

Baydog said...

And olive oil drizzled on top

JP said...

If there were a "spot the something" competition I was wondering if the river bus would run under such conditions but don't think this pic is really going to help answer that question - might be too much for even O'Docker's photoshops skills