Sunday, November 21, 2010

Not available

After a tiring week it was good to be able to switch off that alarm and have a late start followed by reading the papers over a coffee. So wasn't up in time to watch the 2nd part of the TV series about the Round the Island Race (last week's episode blogged here).

No worries, thinks I, there's 4OD just for such eventualities. But alas apparently it is "not available" - not at all sure why, so unable to blog about what happened to the four boats it was following.

Bother! Don't C4 executives know how hard it is to find suitable material relating to sailing and kayaking to blog about in November?

Surely someone should say something!


O Docker said...

You could blog about kayaking upstream slower than the current is flowing downstream.

Somehow, that requires that you stop at a pub to reach your destination.

I'm considering blogging about how BBC programming is not available even when it is available.

These are both frame of reference problems.

JP said...

An update from 4OD:

"I can confirm that episode 2 of this programme will be uploaded to our 4oD service shortly and should be available to watch in the next few days"

Keep watching the web folks!

David said...

Screw 40D, whatever that is, how about a torrent or rapidshare? Ch 4 just give me "not available in your area".

JP said...

I've an old fashioned approach to IPR (or maybe as someone who sells s/w a vested interest).

Luckily asking nicely seemed for once to have worked!