Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year 2011

Happy New Year to one and all and hope you have a great 2011!

Thanks for my mince pie reading - in particular Tillerman's dozen and Carol Anne's best from sounds like a far from best year.

Can't think of any resolutions so far - is "think up a New Year's resolution" acceptable as a resolution or is a self-completing resolution?

Unsurprisingly Buff has yet to make an appearance so I guess he had a very wild night, but no doubt will turn up with that "never drink again" resolution for which the only uncertainty is how long it will last

Updated: a fab review of 2010 from Bonnie - a good read so head over here.


Kat said...

Happy 2011, JP!:) My resolution this year is not to make any whatsoever, so we're both doing pretty well at this from the sounds of things.

Tell Buff he needs a good dose of Vegimite and Milo on toast(and a proper scolding from his dear old Nanna)

JP said...

Thanks Kat - lets say snap and both avoid the resolutions this year :)

Buff looking very shame faced and was able to ate his vegimite but turned a very funny green colour when offered his Milo!

bonnie said...

Hey Capt JP -

When I paddled past a barge with your name on it on New Year's Day, I took it that as a friendly cosmic reminder to do that post I'd been meaning to do. 2010 was a pretty good year, personally, lots of bright spots (although I did continue to suck at dinghy racing) so it was really quite a fun post to write. Here it is!

New Year's Resolution - stop overusing exclamation points so badly!

JP said...

Thanks Bonnie - excellent post have updated accordingly :)

JP said...



O Docker said...

May not get to do a wrap-up this year, JP, but do have a good new year.

Hope Buff does manage to wake up sometime this week. I guess where becomes the more important question.

Looking forward to his AC coverage.


JP said...

Buff's gone missing .... wonder where his is???