Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Inflatable Kayaks?

Ok, a question for you out on the interbloggy web: what do you think of inflatable kayaks? Also which models and brands have you tried out?

I've been doing a bit of Googling on them as they deflate to a size that could probably fit in somewhere which is a big issue to those of us living in apartments, plus of course easier to transport.

Having one could give me the ability to go paddling where and when get the urge - or, more importantly, get a break from work.

No big urgency as this fair weather paddler happy looking out at the water for a few more months.


Baydog said...

My brother has a Sevylor inflatable 2-man kayak that is much less high-tech than the one you pictured. He and his family have had it for years and seem to really enjoy it.

There is however only one person I'd think to ask about kayaks!

doryman said...

I use a Sevlor as a dingy on my cruising boat. It compresses into a package less than a meter square and fits under the forward berth. It has several inflation compartments and would probably float if half of them were to gain leaks. It is also constructed of some high-tech double fabric. Easy to inflate with a floor pump, too.

Now, please don't tell anyone! It's not a wood boat. You understand. I'll never live it down.


bonnie said...

2 words -

Audrey Sutherland.

JP said...

Thanks everyone, useful stuff.

Thanks Bonnie: I just Googled Audrey Sutherland and its amazing what she's achieved.

bonnie said...

She is pretty awesome, isn't she?

Inflatable Kayak said...

You can't beat an Advanced Elements Advanced frame hybrid. Gives so much more confidence for tackling 'proper' white water woo hoo!!

JP said...

Looks good - I'm hoping to go to the London Boat show and if so will keep an eye out for them.

For one thing want to make sure they'll fit my long legs!

Stroller said...

I think an inflatable kayak is a great idea. just for ease of transport alone it has major advantages.Even if you can't carry a kayak om your car roof you can still take this oone with you in the trunk.