Monday, January 03, 2011

The return to work

The holidays are winding to a close and tomorrow the work treadmill starts again, so I feel a bit like this yacht here (from the 2010 Sydney Hobart).

Yesterday was Uncle JP entertaining the nephews and nieces with Wall-E and brownies made from this mix which was very good but didn't last long enough to be photographed so will instead give this picture from Three men doing something or other in Scotland instead:

Batten down the hatches, 2011 is about to begin - here's hoping for smooth sailing not a white water ride.


O Docker said...

Fear not, JP.

Things always look darkest just before they go completely pear-shaped.

Tillerman said...

Iconic clouds!!!! Woo hoo!!!

JP said...

Wise words O'Docker, especially for a new project for the new year.

But a cool cloud pic