Monday, May 23, 2011

Scallops and Beatles

I haven't forgotten the Tillerman Beatles challenge but further research is needed. I've never really got into them in a big way but no doubt that's what Wikipedia is for.

In the meantime here are some borrowed themes. From Baydog some fresh dived scallops - not as fancy preparation as his, but my philosophy is you should spend longer cleaning than cooking them, and here are quickly seared and then served simply with good quality bacon and green beans.

For the Bursledon Blog here is a picture of the South Bank, where coincidently both of were some time this afternoon:

Finally for all Americans, here is the view your President will see sometime tomorrow on his way to this rather good B&B in central London:

Top tip for house guests: if you do want to talk to Philip about Pippa, do wait until ER along with the other ladies have left the room!


Baydog said...

English "bacon" is apparently much better for you than the American version. There's just something about scallops and bacon.

Tillerman said...

Isn't there just? They are the perfect combination.

Carol Anne said...

Bacon in Britain seems to be the substance we Americans call "Canadian bacon." It's an absolute necessity for perfect eggs Benedict.

VW: phogic -- the reasoning behind noodle soup?

O Docker said...

Bacon is so popular in America, it's said that no list of six different foods can be made without one of them going well with Bacon.

JP said...

Yup, bacon and scallops are a great combination: the salt I think.

I once went to a restaurant that paired scallops with black pudding which worked too.

There's a big difference between good and average bacon. I don't have bacon that often so when do try and get the good stuff.

Must admit my memory of US bacon is shrunk and overcooked: more crunch less flavour.

ChrisP said...

You are researching the Beatles with Wikipedia? Blasphemy! The proper research process is as follows:
1) Download entire canon from iTunes;
2) Listen.

JP said...


Surely you mean Lady Gaga's latest????

ps I am joking, honest!

Tillerman said...

I believe that American bacon is cut from the belly of the pig, whereas English, Irish and Canadian bacon is cut from the back.

What is described as "Canadian" bacon in the US is almost entirely lean. English bacon does have some streaks of fat.

Tillerman said...

I read an interesting story recently in the NY Times about how major changes in popular music influence the next generation of pop music stars. The theory was was that the critical age is 14. Bob Dylan and Paul McCartney were around 14 when Elvis became big. Bruce Springsteen and Billy Joel were 14 when the Beatles first became famous... and so on. Those 14 year old boys got hooked on the music at that age and never looked back.

I guess I was 14 when the Beatles became famous, but I suspect JP is a little younger? Let's give him a break.

JP said...

Thanks Tillerman - I had a similar thought but didn't quite know how to phrase it!