Sunday, May 01, 2011

JP paps Pippa!

Yes, the trending topic of the day, Miss Pippa, is again here in all her glory.

Top pap JP managed to take these EXCLUSIVE pictures of Miss All-White herself, charming none other than Prince Philip on a discrete balcony in London, SW.

HM was not amused and before you could say "corgi" he'd been giving his marching orders. But the lovely Miss Middleton was not left alone, for she was joined by dashing Prince Harry, and what a lovely couple they made:
As to whether there's anything going on there - well pip-Pippa's the word!


Tillerman said...

Pippa's bottom now has over 100,000 fans on Facebook. I think Prince Philip has been tweeting all his friends to tell them to "Like" it.

Verification word: bigun (no kidding!)

JP said...

She'll be able to use one of those "By Royal Appointment" logos..... er... somewhere.