Thursday, May 05, 2011

Father Thames: meet Michael Jackson

The river Thames has to put up with a lot.

When it rains it becomes an overflow for London's sewage system and whether it rains or not some people seem to treat it like capital's rubbish bin to such an extent that the high tide mark can be identified by a line of plastic bags and bottles.

And now it has to put up with something else: a statue to Michael Jackson. For reasons best known to himself, the owner of the Fulham football club has decided to place a statue of the pop singer in the grounds overlooking the river.

So insistent is Mohammed Al Fayed that he told fans that if they do not appreciate it they can "go to hell".

I did take a photo of it so you could judge for yourself, but in the end I felt it would be unfair to punish you like that. It really is that bad.

Those with a strong constitution can watch the BBC's summary of the sorry story here.


Baydog said...

Michael Jackson wished he looked that good.

tillerman said...

That's not Michael Jackson. It looks like a real human being.

O Docker said...

It could be worse.

my2fish said...

O Dock, it could be much worse:

Robocop trumps Rocky.

Baydog said...

O Docker, That's the first thing I thought of. Back in the day, he used to be at the North entrance to the Spectrum.

Four years ago, my wife's relatives from Italy came to visit. It was our day to host them since we live only about 40 minutes from center city. I procured an Italian-speaking tourguide, and we did a tour of the historic district, including Independence Hall, Ben Franklin's gravesite, and the Liberty Bell, which by the way, has an inscription of my friend's last name on it.

Then, while they all waited in the courtyard in front of the Betsy Ross house, I drove to Jim's on South street and brought back 25 cheesesteaks. Big hit!

The only other thing they wanted to do that afternoon was to drive to see the "Rocky Ladder". I piled 8 of them into my car and we drove to the Art Museum, where they took pictures with Rocky, and took turns running up and down the steps while videoing each other singing the theme from the same movie. Hilarious, and I was proud to have provided them with that kind of memory.

O Docker said...

Maybe we should suggest that JP lobby to have Michael moved to in front of the Tate.

JP said...

O'Docker - the Turner Prize short-list was recently announced and for some reason the Michael Jackson statue wasn't on it. I think it is too avant guard even for them.

I think it's plastic sheen makes it worse than either Rocky or Robocop, but maybe that was some sort of homage or reference to the skill of his surgeons.