Saturday, May 14, 2011

Blogger ate my post

I now have the perfect excuse for any gaps between blogs: "it's not my fault, blogger ate my post!"

Rather ironically the main reason haven't been blogging so much this year is have been (over) working on a web based application.

As Top Gear would no doubt ask: "how difficult can it be?"


Tillerman said...

Yeah. I even left a comment on your non-existent post and blogger ate that too.

JP said...

Yup, great comment - shame really, lost for ever......

O Docker said...

Whenever I need an excuse for some failing of mine, I always remember this funny story once told by the Stig:

**************** Started trace for Module: [wiaservc.dll] in Executable [svchost.exe] ProcessID: [1852] at 2010/04/24 23:31:57:890 ****************
WIA: 1852.928 187 0 0 [wiaservc.dll] ERROR: CEventNotifier::AddEventGUID, Trying to register application for a unknown global event
WIA: 1852.928 187 0 0[wiaservc.dll] ERROR: CEventNotifier::AddEventGUID, Returning failure hr = 0x80070057
WIA: 1852.928 19890 0 0 [wiaservc.dll] ERROR: CEventNotifier::AddEventGUID,

JP said...

O'Docker: It's a sign of ageing when the new tech baffles one and all this web based javascript sure does that for me. Unable to make any sense of the source code shown to me.

So I'm having to read contracts instead - how is that fair?

O Docker said...

In today's legal environment, the contracts may be the most baffling source code of all.