Wednesday, May 04, 2011

The South Bank in Spring

On the way to and from the Tate Modern I walked along side the Thames and passed the South Bank complex to see what was happening there.

For starters there was one ginormous fox sitting on the QEH (above) and one big sea gull out front (below):
The weather was, as can be seen, extraordinarily fine for the 1st May, and to complete the mood there was even a beach (or plage as I overheard someone call it):
Behind the Festival Hall there was a food fair where I had a really nice diver collected Dorset Scallop with celeriac puree, bacon and seashore vegetables washed down with a taster of St. Germain Elderflower liquor cocktail.

It was so tasty that didn't even think of taking a picture until too late:
I wish I could take more time off


O Docker said...

Thanks for the bird, the beach, the bivalve, and the update from fox news.

JP said...

The fox didn't say anything about Osama killing Obama so it might not have been that into news.

According to the blurb on the South Bank's Urban fox web site:

"Foxes possess a city savvy we perhaps lack, embodying resilience, wild instinct, and a sense of humour. They encourage us to look differently at our environment and to question ideas of ownership, access and authority"

Hmmmm..... no, didn't get any of that.