Saturday, June 25, 2011

Glastonbury not three men do something boaty

You have to play the hand that life deals you, whether good or bad.

Taru - or Reds as we now must call her - quite rightly and passionately blogged on the need to follow ones dreams. But sometime Life with a capital L gets in the way.

So this weekend as have noted am not doing the Round the Island or indeed getting afloat in any way, and early next week will have the funeral of close family member followed by the grind of discussions with lawyers and accountants. This weekend is therefore a time for preparation and a quiet night in.

I'm really enjoying watching on the Beeb this year's Glastonbury, where the rains have eased off, skies are blue and the mud is beginning to dry under the golden evening sunshine. We've already seen excellent sets by U2 and Tinie Tempah, and there's a long long list of good bands to come.

One thing I definitely haven't been watching is the latest in the series in which three men do something on the water involving Gryff Rys Jones and the other two. Seriously, enough guys! This is one viewer on strike.

But then again if you can get the BBC to pay you to potter around on classic boats, well you can see why they might say yes.

If you get a good hand you might as well play it.


Noodle said...

Over here it is time for Roskilde. Weather looking good. Btw, for a long time I've been wanting to match your photo in the top bar. I finally did. Hope u like it.

JP said...

Ah-ha! So it is :)

Very nice indeed - much less tiring to sail round then when I did it no doubt.

Are you going to Roskilde? I keep thinking next year really will do Glasto but alas its not being held in 2012. No, its nothing to do with the Olympics, but its held on a working farm and the fields need a rest.

Roll on 2013