Thursday, September 22, 2011

Justice and injustice

Over at Rowing for Pleasure Chris has pointed out an injustice in the Great River Race that hurt the chances of boat 14, Kingfisher (above).

They rowed so fast they got to the Richmond half-tide lock early - or at least before the PLA was prepared to open the gates and let them continue up river. That delay of 4.5 minutes was likely critical in them losing several places and was unjust.

Justice is not an abstract concept. For example for those doing jury service it is absolutely real and concrete, a life changed by the choice between guilty or not guilty.

And justice is almost always topical, and one particular injustice is in the headlines at the moment. It was for that reason that I added a number to the picture above to make 194 rather than 14.

For an explanation as why 194, follow this link.

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