Sunday, September 11, 2011

On the Thames barge Lady Daphne

Today as part of the Thames Festival I went on a trip down to Greenwich on the Thames barge Lady Daphne.

Ok it was just a potter as guest while motoring but how could it not be fun to be on a real Thames Barge on a sunny day going through Tower Bridge (above) as they raised the bridge for us.

Lady Daphne was sprightly for her 88 years, turning nimbly in the busy Pool of London even with the river in full flood. There was the odd shower on the way down to Greenwich (below) as can be guessed from the grey sky:
But the sun was back out in time for our return to The Tower:

You can charter the Lady Daphne for a party but the Thames Festival is the only chance to go on her as an individual.

I would have liked to have seen her under sail but then you can't have everything. If we had even a short sail I'd have wanted to race her and then win and then next thing you know you're building 70 foot carbon fibre wing-sail boats and hiring lawyers with experience in the America's Cup.

Apparently she does race (I asked) and last year did "not bad" (see post on classics for translation) but this year was less successful.

A lovely boat it was a pleasure to sail on her and its great to see her back where she belongs: on the Thames in the Pool of London.

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