Saturday, September 10, 2011

Thames Water advises against Thames water

The water company for London, Thames Water, is advising comedian David Williams to cut short his swim along the length of the river.

He is approaching the tidal Thames which has recently received 500,000 cubic metres of raw sewage thanks to heavy rain overflowing a system designed for Victorian England.

Hmmm.... not sure I'm really selling the capital as a great eco-friendly city. Honestly, London is one of the - if not the - greenest city around and the Thames is thriving.

However I must admit that at times of overflow the Thames only is kept oxygenated due to repeated injections by a fleet of Bubblers (above). Come on - just build that super-sewer already!

See more here on a highly scientific experiment to discover how clean Thames water really is.


Chris Partridge said...

With any luck they'll be doing something about the problem soon:

JP said...

Yes but no.

Key phrase on that page is "our second phase of public consultation for the Thames Tunnel is due to start in Autumn 2011"

The problem is extreme case of NIMBY regarding where they locate the access shafts need to build the super sewer.

There are active groups in both Putney and Fulham saying no to the project: they say they mean "not here" rather than "no" but the effect is the same. Until that is decided digging can not start.

Hence the project completion date of 2020!!

O Docker said...

Considering how a sense of restraint is so ingrained in the national spirit of Britain, I would think Londoners might be encouraged simply to produce less raw sewage.