Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Cartwheeling in Plymouth

This week the America's Cup World Series has returned to blighty with lots of boats pranging themselves. Sometimes nose first, other occasions sideways and once apparently a full cartwheel, but always wet and probably painful.

But you probably knew that, so on to the blog bit.

Firstly a public service announcement: I'm not going. Partially its a long way to go to see one race - even if it would be in the "natural amphitheatre" of Plymouth Sound (ha! - take that San Fran) - but mostly because I've arranged to visit my godson for his birthday instead. But thanks to the interweb I can watch the races on YouTube, which brings me to:

I know there was a certain amount of.... hmmm.... how shall I put it....oh yes -  pure Buff Staysail about this blog's reaction to the AC TV show. However if you look at the America's Cup YouTube channel the video from the last week with the most views is called The Plymouth Capsize Club and yup I couldn't stop myself watching it too.

Seems like a lot of people like a sailing sugar-rush


Noodle said...

I watched it too. Great fun, but where is the yacht racing? To be true, yesterdays race where Artemis won was very well covered on the live transmission.

JP said...

I ought to watch a few of the full race vids - if only to see Artemis's win, but alas bit too busy at the moment.

Maybe next week some time