Thursday, November 03, 2011

Single handed sailing

I was going to follow up yesterday's post with a health and safety report into Slocum's voyage around the world, but it seemed a bit too easy.

You can just imagine it: "no up to date charts, not even a single GPS or EPIRB, no radar reflector, log burning fire risk, no life raft or grab bags bla bla bla."

But there does seem an important issue here - can single handed sailing be sufficiently safe that it can be encouraged through organised races?

I dunno......I mean, one person can't be on watch all the time, and the stats show it is a lot more dangerous than crewed races such as the Volvo starting this weekend.

Double handed seems to be a better solution. No more "around alone" but "sail with a mate" - unless of course you're lucky enough to "meet and fall in love".

After all even Slocum got married - not just once but twice.


Baydog said...

Actually, Slocum's night-time security measure, when anchored in less than friendly ports, was to scatter tacks about the deck. When the savages quietly boarded his sloop in the dead of night, their painful howling was notice enough for Joshua to grab his shotgun and either bag a few of them or at least scare them overboard.

And the World Tour Kool-Aid has long since lost its sweetness.

JP said...

You don't have to visit them!

I remember that bit of Slocum's journey - very dramatic. Also how he managed to cross the Pacific without touching the tiller.