Sunday, November 06, 2011

Volvo Crumble

Its come around again, the Volvo Ocean Race, and I can just see my productivity falling. A minute in the morning checking the positions over the first coffee and then again in the afternoon over a cuppa tea, it all adds up.

But what is this? Already things are falling apart with a full third of the fleet (ok, two boats) out of action, with a dismasting and hole in the hull of another.

Watch this space, as they say. Hopefully nothing will happen similar to those dramatic events in the Celebrity Yacht Race - as covered by our very own Buff Staysail - which sailed those very waters back in 2007.

The photo above, btw, is of my apple crumble (caramelised apples underneath, brown sugar and walnuts in the crumble) - yum - as requested by Baydog.


O Docker said...

Very sly, JP.

Are all Volvos complete rubbish as Jeremy Clarkson says?

Apparently, the keels cant and the masts can't, either.

JP said...

Can't say ;)

Tillerman said...

Volvos are great cars. Have had one for nigh on 30 years. Perfect for cartopping a Laser, towing a Laser, family camping holidays, ski trips etc. etc.

As for the Ocean Race, it's not Volvo that's crumbling. It's second largest city in United Arab Emirates and southernmost city in China that are falling to bits.

O Docker said...

Uh-oh. Another Volvo with a can'ting mast.

I wonder if this is covered under warranty.

JP said...

Three isn't much of a fleet is it?

On the plus side Groupama gets a podium position which might compensate for their African coast routing punt not working out.