Friday, November 18, 2011

Three Volvo photos

Its been another manic week of work after a weekend of family business, so blogging has been firmly in the back seat. I've had just enough time to follow the Volvo Ocean Race, though its been a bit of a procession after Groupama's diversion to the Canaries (bravo for taking the risk).

Unlike the last post this one show photos of real Volvo yachts. Above is from the 2005-06's in-port race in Portsmouth, while below is another Solent sail, a day trip I had out on News International which competed in the 2001-02 circumnavigation:
Finally, below is another Volvo 70, Ericsson (the one, I think, from 2005-6), spotted in Stockholm during the Square Metre Rule Anniversary back in 2008:
Next week's schedule not looking much better than last, but will be keeping an eye out on those ocean racers. Tactics for the next stage look more interesting, with all sorts of route wiggling options to get them to Cape Town.

Soon we will all be able to put our feet up and relax.

Updated: for O'Docker here's a fourth picture (see comments):


O Docker said...

There's room to put your feet up in the back seat of a Volvo?

JP said...


What's more you can rest your feet, do some thinking and make a cup of tea, all at the same time (see new picture).

How convenient is that!

O Docker said...

A model of efficiency!