Tuesday, February 03, 2009

4th Folder 4th Picture Tag

Been tagged by Bonnie to post the 4th picture in the 4th folder, so here it is!

Actually it wasn't as simple as that as the way I store photos is year/event/photos, so have to choose which year to take the 4th of the 4th from, and this is from 2004 (appropriately). I went through the other years and this was the most interesting - 2008 was the runner up with a night time view of Putney but think have posted previously it.

I was in Paris on business and got some free time so went for a wander and saw Notre Dame, the Seine etc then went to the Musee d'Orsay, and then up to Montmartre - lovely time.

Anyhow it should be a familiar sight for Greg, which makes one of the 4 to tag in return simple.

So who next? Lets try Kat from Signposts and see what pops up and where.

Hmmm.... who next? Well O'Docker manages to duck all this hard work by not having a blog (shame) and Tillerman has done his fair share of work on stimulating group blogging tasks so gets a reprieve (and anyhow everyone will want to tag him back).

However Adam has no excuse so Messing about in sailboats can be number 3

As to the 4th? Well how about Jolea on Adventures of Gypsy Pirate Wench. She has just had a very horrid experience and I hope this can distract her from some very bad memories.

Hope no one minds :)


bonnie said...

Sounds like a good business trip. Not that I've had to do it a lot but we have a whole sales force who just live on the road - I was riding up on the elevator with one of them recently & she was lamenting that she'd gotten to go to Florida & the only time she managed to relax outside was during the 15 minutes she was waiting for the cab to take her to the airport.

I'm glad you tagged Jolea. I was thinking of doing the same thing for the same reason. And I came thatclose to tagging Greg & Adam myself too.

O Docker said...

It's for reasons like this that I follow your blog, JP.

You are definitely the only person I know (actually or virtually) who could dip into his personal photo files and randomly discover a classic scene on the Seine.

I would probably find a close-up of the cylinder head of my diesel engine, showing where the raw water pump flange attaches in subtle mauve tones.

bonnie said...

I could entirely too easily have found a picture of the dent that you'll find in the end of the AA batteries you use in a Tektite navlight after you've been using it a while!

Anonymous said...

I finally get the 4 thing. I had to read this 4 times to get it. Will do skip!

Katinka said...

That's a lovely pic of Paris - so much more intriguing than the usual Eiffel tower shot.

I would oblige and post a pic too, but Signposts is now finis. (I just use that address for commenting from :)

Greg and Kris said...

I'm gonna post some Paris pics. I'm inspired.

JP said...

O Docker - was tempted by another year's 4th of 4th, which was of my nephew after a rather good family dinner with his face covered by lots of chocolate and a huge smile, but he's not my kid so not sure right to post it.

Bonnie - great picture of AA batteries: a classic ;)

Greg and Adam - looking forward to those pics :)

Kat - thats ok.

Pat said...

I wasn't tagged and don't necesarily like to do blog-meme-chain stuff, but decided to do a "defensive" or pre-emptive post. My home computer has photos in a photos folder with yearly subfolders, and the 4th folder of 2004 happened to be from the 4th month of the year and the 4th photo wasn't bad, so that's up on the desertsea. Our region's altitude differences let me experience deep snow and sailing weather just a week apart.

JP said...

Nice pic - looks like you need a bit of shade in that heat (and slow breeze)