Tuesday, February 24, 2009

O'Docker's 4th of 4th

Another 4th of 4th (picture tag thing, do keep up - see this post here), this time from O'Docker, who without a blog (heckler at the back "shame!") sent in by email instead.

Aahhh ..... isn't that pretty!

But what is it? Answer on a post card or failing that in a comment. The best answer (not necessarily the right one) might get a prize.

Or might not (as I've just made that bit up).


Annie said...

It would make a great jigsaw!

Ms. Michelle said...

It's a Chihuly ceiling. I'm not sure where though...it might travel with his exhibit. I love Chihuly!!!

JP said...

Update: there is a prize!!!

Keep those entries coming in!

Answer or prize giving tomorrow.

Katinka said...

The Bellagio ceiling (blown-glass flowers) in Vegas?