Friday, February 06, 2009

The Putney Sculpure Trail - in the snow

Last year I posted pictures of the Putney Sculpture Trail, nine works by local artist Alan Thornhill along the Thames path.

Then it was a sunny autumnal day, and for a bit of a contrast here are photos of the sculptures in the snow (which alas has now mostly melted) and in the same order.

The one above is called Fall and the one below Pygmalion.

Dodging a couple of snow ball fights and drudging deep into the snow managed to get to Nexus:

Then on to Motherfigure:

By a sight familiar to Greg and Kris was Punch and Judy:

On Putney High Street, which was packed with non-moving buses, you could find Turning Point:

Across the other side of Putney Bridge were some snow boarders and Load:

Then by Adam's favourite haunt of the Duke's Head you could find Horizontal Ambiguity:

Finally in the park-where-Adam-used-to-get-bacon-sandwiches, the final sculpture of Exodus:


Greg and Kris said...

I get the horizontal, but it looks pretty unambiguous to me.

JP said...

It *could* be something else you know ;)