Thursday, February 26, 2009

O'Docker's 4th of 4th Award Giving Ceremony!

Its a glittering night of celebrations here at Captain JP HQ. The red carpet has been reclaimed from the cleaners, the bubbly is super-market own brand cola, and the stars are waiting outside (literally - or at least would be if they weren't hidden behind the London mirk).

Yes, its the O'Docker 4th of 4th competition prize giving tonite!

First we must have a look at the three nominations, Annie, Ms Michelle, and Katinka (and very nice they are too).

So on to the prize giving. Drum roll if you please.......

In 3rd place we have Annie with the good suggestion of a jigsaw.

In 2nd place we have Katinka with the "Bellagio ceiling" - right artist, wrong installation.

So the winner is: Ms Michelle with the "Chihuly ceiling" that travels with the exhibition!! Quite right, it was spotted by O'Docker when the exhibition was in San Francisco's De Young museum.

For more examples of his work check out the web site here.

If Ms Michelle would like to get in touch with ol' Captain JP at she will receive her prize donated by O'Docker which is an animated slide show of Chihuly work.

Thanks to O'Docker for pic, competition, and prize :)


O Docker said...

JP, congratulations to Ms. Michelle for identifying the mystery photo.

I thought your cultured readership might make quick work of this.

There's a sailing connection here, too, although somewhat tenuous. We sailed our boat to San Francisco across the Bay from our home port in Berkeley, spent the weekend, and visited the Chihuly exhibit at the de Young.

We're learning that our voyages don't have to be long ones to be rewarding. This has become our favorite (all right, favourite) way to spend time in 'the city' and has let us rediscover a town we thought we already knew.

And thanks to you, too, JP, for hosting this lavish awards ceremony.

JP said...

It was my pleasure :)

I was rather impressed the puzzle got cracked so quickly: they're a cultured lot indeed.