Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mermaid of the day

This elegant dolphin and mermaid can be found between Tower Bridge and St Katharine's dock, where there were the classic boats during the Thames Festival. There was probably some plaque with information about the artist and symbolism, but was distracted by, er, the dolphin.

So yesterday's blog entry took a leaf out of tugster's book by posting a working boat of the Thames, today its a mermaid picture.

That makes this blog a bit like Never Sea Land which is a bit like The Horse's Mouth used to be.

Normal service will be resumed shortly.

Update: its called "Girl with dolphin" and its by David Wynne.


will said...

i like it. i'll be reading more of you. and thanks for the tugster tip.

JP said...

No problem Will, glad you appreciated it and tugster's blog