Sunday, September 27, 2009

World Rivers Day 2009

It's World Rivers Day 2009, and so far found the following blog posts for the group writing competition:
  • A celebration of the river Sakonnet over on Proper Course which turns out to be a good place to sail Lasers
  • Mean while on O Dock its the turn of the river American, together with the gold rush and blue jeans
  • As a special guest, Bonnie on Frogma is celebrating National Estuary Day by opening up her blog to the ferret Paprika, who I'm hoping to hearing more from
  • On My 2 Fish there's a nice post about drifting down the Platte River on an inflatable with three young children
  • On DoryMan there's a description of what sounds like in parts at least a wonderfully unspoilt river, the Yaquina that winds its way to the Pacific in Oregan
  • Finally there's my post about the little Nailbourne.
Two more!
  • Pat's written about a river with a historic, evocative name, the Rio Grande, with stories about searching for rum, romance with a lass from upriver, and sailing or rafting on its waters
  • Greg and Chris have been up the Wenatchee for the Oktoberfest (er, heh guys, don't want to be anal or anything but isn't still September?) which sounds like a lot of fun
Thanks everyone who blogged: the rivers of the world deserve to be recognised and I've really enjoyed reading every post.

Any more out there?


Anonymous said...

I'm a bit late getting it posted, but here's my post about rivers...

michael bogoger said...

Don't forget me!

Pat said...
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Pat said...

Maybe I can figure out where it is; try

Baja y Alta, un Rio, dos Republicas, dos Culturas, dos Capitulos de Vida

Greg and Kris said...

Eleventh hour! But done, nonetheless.

Aloha, Cap'n JP!

JP said...

Thanks for the updates - great posts.

Carol Anne said...

Due to a convergence of circumstances, I have had a lengthy period of no web access and so missed two important events -- in addition to World Rivers Day, I've missed National Punctuation Day.

I will be remedying both lapses with belated posts as soon as I can.

JP said...

Looking forward to your post Carol Anne - will update when get the word (fingers crossed wifi starts working again)

Greg and Kris said...

It is still September. We just helped them kick things off. The largest Oktoberfest gathering outside of Munich takes place in Leavenworth dubya-ay, starting tomorrow and running, well, through Oktober.

JP said...

Ah I see, a spot of practice in scoffing vast quantities of Sauerkraut, Weissworst etc prior to the big event.

Reminds me of the Cambridge "May Balls" which of course are held in June.