Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Six degrees of sailing, again

This week had another of those business meetings that seem to be doing a lot of recently. Afterwards went for lunch and the conversation just happened to turn to sailing (again).

Turned out my client had a rather good six degrees of sailing story. He had once worked for the New Zealand office of a multi-national company during the time that it was one of the sponsors of the American's Cup, and had made very good use of that opportunity, having sailed as the 17th man along with the likes of Russell Coutts and Brad Butterworth.

Now that must have been fun!

Might be worth mentionin here - in a suitably, quiet, modest and British way - my best claim to 6 degrees fame, namely how sailed once with Emma Richards.


Tillerman said...

Oh yes, 17th man is a great way of establishing one of those links.

One of my sons spent a summer while at college working on a project with one of his professors for one of the America's Cup syndicates. This was in the early days of capturing images of sail shapes and analyzing them by computer. Towards the end of the summer, my son went out on the boat with the America's Cup crew.

Woo hoo, that makes me one degree of separation from Ed Baird.

Oh, and I see your famous British yachtswoman and rise you one. My other son once got a lift in a dinghy from Dame Ellen.

This game is easier than I thought.

JP said...

I once went to a Ellen book signing when there was pretty much no one else there so ended up having a chat about use of Palm Pilot's on board ocean sailing yachts.

Yup, was a few years ago now!

(and don't think that counts under the degrees of sailing thing)

Though I did sail an America's Cup boat on one of those Australian trips :)