Friday, August 05, 2011

"Not bad" sailing at the Fowey Regatta

You are a bit constrained in the language you use to describe race positions in an English Classics Regatta.

It's quite all right to say something like "made a total mess of that one" or "had time enough to make and drink a cup of tea". If you come a bit further up the fleet then phrases like "could have done that a bit better" come in handy. Bragging is an absolute no-no: none of that American talk of ass-kicking here if you don't mind.

So I'm a bit stuck, and will simply say we were not bad three times in a row and go make myself a nice cuppa and possibly down on a Pimms or two later on.


O Docker said...

I would comment on your better than average placing, JP, but worry about drawing unwarranted attention here.

Carry on.

JP said...

Oh dash it all O Docker, I seem to find myself at a disadvantage. I would like to honour your comment which surely is indeed "not bad" as so many of your contributions are. But alas unlike the well prepared organisers of a regatta I have no engraved glass tumblers to award, virtual or real.

Hopefully an IOU one Pimms will equal the score.

Allkindsofsunglasses said...

there should always be time for a cup of tea!

Facebook Tab Design said...

definitely and not just one cuppa, several! I have a few throughout the day, they are great.

Well done on not doing so bad :)

JP said...