Friday, August 26, 2011

Finding things

All week I've been finding things by the Thames bank. Not another gun - like the one above - but still interesting things.

Last weekend I did another of those Thames 21 river foreshore clean up events. There was a rather exciting moment in the safety briefing when they got to the point about how "last year someone even found a gun" at which point I raised my hand and said "that was me - I was the one who found the gun" (for some reason in the style of Jeremy Clarkson - not sure where that came from).

In the actual clean up found lots of junk where Beverly Brook meets the Thames including one very wet mobile phone. So if you had a Nokia on a Vodafone contract and lost one, well don't ask me as I gave it to Thames 21 who probably gave it to the PLA.

Then going for a mid week run along the Thames Path I found a Lloyds Bank cashpoint card half way between Putney and Hammersmith Bridges. Again if you lost one don't ask me as I handed it in to a couple of Police Officers I found further up towards Putney.

Finally today I found two bank notes - rather damp in the afternoon rain but still very usable. These two I do still have so if you have lost some money let me know what denomination and where they were lost.

But there is of course the question as to what the right response should be - so bloggers out there, what do you do when you find money?

Updated: after the Thames Festival Lady Daphne trip I got on the tube at Tower Hill and found something else - an Alcatel mobile phone! It was on a District line train heading to Wimbledon and was handed in to London Underground staff at Embankment.


Tillerman said...

When I was a little lad in the old country I once found a ten bob note in the street. In those days ten bob was a lot of money!. Like a good little chap I handed it in at the police station. And then when nobody claimed it, the police gave it back to me.

JP said...

Well I did report it to the porter chap in the nearest building so that if anyone does know where they lost it they have a chance.

I remember handing a watch into the police station but heard nothing of it

Carol Anne said...

The campus security office at the community college where I teach has a lost-and-found operation to which I've turned in jewelry, a handbag, shoes, and a few other things. But I've never had a chance to turn in money separate from a wallet or purse, so I don't know what happens if cash goes unclaimed.

bonnie said...

I found a wad of 20's one day as I was walking down Flatbush Avenue on my way out to the club. Have to admit that my first thoughts were evenly divided between thinking I should turn it in somehow (but where? local store? police? how not to just hand it over to someone who would just keep it for themself?). My next thoughts were much more sensible, though (almost natural-navigatorial, in fact) - the roll of cash was still in one piece, it was sitting right in the middle of the sidewalk, and it was very breezy - if it had been dropped anything but an instant earlier, it would've been loose bills blown against the storefronts. It was quite early, there weren't a lot of people on the street yet, and I started looking around at the people on the block. I quickly spotted an older gentleman wearing an unzipped jacket, with an envelope sticking out of the pocket that fell out a moment later. Figured it had to be him, grabbed the envelope & gave the lot back to him. He was very relived!

JP said...

Good for you Bonnie! (plus good detective work)

I did have a look around but there was no one near at the time.